The brand with the TASMANIAN TIGER in the logo is, by now, a well-known manufacturer of equipment and gear for military and police with many satisfied customers. Within ten years, TASMANIAN TIGER has established itself as one of the top suppliers of professional equipment and gear for military and police.

TASMANIAN TIGER has made its mark in particular with backpacks for different fields of use. Whether it‘s backpacks for individual combatants on mission for several weeks, backpacks for snipers with quick-release system, large backpacks for transport, technically sophisticated first aid backpacks or functional backpacks for daytime use – TASMANIAN TIGER offers the proper model for every field of application. Technically mature carrying systems, specially developed for heavy loads (X1-System) or for friction-locked carrying during movement- intensive activities (X Lite Vario-System) turn the TASMANIAN TIGER backpacks into absolute high-end products. In the development of this gear, TASMANIAN TIGER benefits from the sister company TATONKA which has a track record of experience in the manufacture of backpacks and development of high-performance carrying systems spanning over several decades, being one of the top vendors for high-quality backpacks on the European outdoor market. TASMANIAN TIGER is building on these experiences and is thus able to offer ergonomically well thought-out military/army /LE backpacks with perfect fit and superior carrying comfort.

Next to backpacks, our customers at TASMANIAN TIGER can also choose from extensive equipment for tactical applications, police operations or gear for outdoor use.

One idea – one team

An in-house design team is constantly cooperating with the users of our products as well as our material suppliers. The selection of specific materials takes place with respect to meeting the highest demands in terms of functionality, resilience and security. With the benefit of constant input of men and women in active services, the practical demands asked of the products are optimally integrated into the manufacturing process during the phase of development.

Own Production

From the initial prototypes all the way to articles ready for production, the products of TASMANIAN TIGER are conceived and developed in-house and manufactured in our own production plant. In this way, we can intervene, change and enhance the products at every stage of manufacture. In our view, this is the only way to ensure the highest possible quality standards.

All manufacturing processes – from the purchase of materials and manufacture all the way to the final quality control – are precisely defined by us and controlled according to international standards.

Each single product is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the production plant. Each single product receives its own serial number and is stored as such in our database.

TASMANIAN TIGER constantly strives to extend its product range and to optimise existing articles so that we are able to offer our customers uncompromisingly good equipment in the future as well.

TASMANIAN TIGER – a fitting name for us

The TASMANIAN TIGER – also called Tasmanian Wolf – was the largest carnivorous marsupial on the Australian continent. It was about the size of a small wolf and owes its name “TASMANIAN TIGER” to its striped coat which served as camouflage. The animal was a predator – not very fast but extremely persevering – and followed up on its prey at night, chasing it down until it was exhausted so it could finally snatch it. Equipped with a superior set of teeth and a mouth which it could open up to 180 degrees, the animal showed no mercy for its prey.

The TASMANIAN TIGER is said to be extinct on the Australian continent since the 1930s; the last species lived on the island of Tasmania. In 1966, a large sanctuary for animals had been opened so as to provide them with a retreat area, and to preserve the species in this way. Until today, no TASMANIAN TIGER has any longer been sighted, but quite a few people believe that the animal has managed to survive in this sanctuary, having escaped discovery until today …

In this mythical legend, the specific attributes of the animal – will to survive, hunting instinct, perfect camouflage, cleverness, strength and perseverance – manifest itself. These attributes have prompted us to give our products the name TASMANIAN TIGER. The legend lives on!

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Tasmanian Tiger Products 2016 Catalogue: Catalogue 2016



X1 System

High-end carrying system for heavy loads. The X1 system was developed specifically for heavy loads. It works by a system that is as simple as it is ingenious.

Two ergonomically shaped, crossed aluminium bars in frame channels transmit part of the carrying load laterally to the specially padded hip strap , transferring the load from the back to the hips. The anatomically positioned, ultra-comfortable hip strap consists of a multi-layered hip fin with a reinforcement panel in PE. It is easy to tighten and set using a deflected belt strap . A rubberised lumbar pad between the hip flaps prevents the rucksack from slipping. A short, anatomically shaped aluminium rod behind it guarantees the optimum fit. The back padding above it is ultra-conical in shape, sewn into chambers for better ventilation, and with its generous technical padding lies perfectly against the back. The load control straps can be attached in two different positions for the optimum adjustment. Soft, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with height adjustment increase the level of comfort. The lid is also height adjustable.



Size-adjustable carrying system for medium to heavy loads. Two aluminium bars forming an inverted “V” plus two short fibreglass reinforced bars for additional support form the central static unit:

the two fibreglass reinforced bars lead from the inner aluminium frame channels laterally into the hip wings. The dimensions and arrangement of these reinforced bars result in an excellent combination of efficient load transmission and system flexibility. The three-part ergonomically shaped hip strap consists of a central lumbar pad with a rubberised insert to prevent the rucksack from slipping, and two conically shaped hip wings. They have several layers of comfortable padding, are reinforced with a PE plate, and can easily be tightened and set using a deflected belt strap. The new technical back padding consists of a number of chambers, and is conically shaped to ensure the optimum position and contact with the rucksack. The load control straps can be attached in two different positions for the optimum adjustment. Soft, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with height adjustment increase the level of comfort. The lid is also height adjustable.



Ventilated carrying system for small to medium rucksacks. The X Vent Vario system combines the clever load distribution of the X systems with the pleasant carrying comfort of a ventilation system. This construction is extremely popular on hiking and active rucksacks:

The two lightweight cross fibreglass reinforced bars run through two channels on the back of the rucksack. The mesh at the top of the contact point of the bars can be tightened or loosened depending on whether ventilation is required or if the rucksack is to sit directly against the back. The carrying load is transferred laterally into the hip strap in sturdy Hypalon pockets . The hip strap has been re-designed to be particularly ergonomic, with new panel geometry and padding for even greater comfort. If the rucksack is to be used with the mesh panel loose, i.e. against the body, then additional comfort will be provided by the secondary back padding . The rounded shoulder straps are made of a particularly light, pleasant material. Thanks to the practical TATONKA ladder adjustment system, the shoulders straps can easily be adjusted to the length of the user’s back.



Size-adjustable carrying system for movement-intensive use. As the light version of the popular X1 system, crossed X-shaped glassfibre rods efficiently transfer the load from the shoulders to the ergonomically shaped hip strap.

the lightweight gassfibre rods are inside frame channels, and so transfer the load from the shoulders to the hips. A fibreglass rod worked diagonally into the top positioning point of the rods provides lateral stability. The three-part ergonomically shaped hip strap consists of a central lumbar pad with a rubberised insert to prevent the rucksack from slipping, and two conically shaped hip wings . They have several layers of padding and are reinforced with a PE plate. Above that, concave technical back padding ensures the perfect position. Thanks to the TATONKA ladder adjustment system , the shoulder straps can easily be adjusted to the length of the user’s back.



Ventilated carrying system for ultra active use. The shape of the back pads guarantees perfect load control even in fast-changing movements sequences – the ventilation channel is based on the Vent Back principle, and provides a pleasant air circulation.

Two foam pads on the sides provide a pleasant level of comfort on this light back construction. The concave shape guarantees optimum load control. The central ventilation channel and air-permeable AirTex cover on the open-pored foam of the pads maintain an extremely pleasant microclimate even under high loads.


An easy way to record and share your hunting and shooting adventures!


G-LINE Smart Shoot Adapter is designed for hunting, shooting sports and airsoft. Take high-quality photos or videos with your Smart-phone and easily share them with your friends and family via email or social media.

Quick, silent and super simple to use

The G-LINE Smart Shoot Adapter’s mounting system allows it to be attached to your scope quickly and silently. Fits all scopes with eyepiece diameters of 38-46 mm. Once attached to the scope, all the adapter needs is a Smart-phone and your imagination. Adjusting the focus is quick and easy! Easy to install thanks to a cylindrical focus – you’ll be ready to take videos and photos right away.

Endless possibilities

The G-LINE Smart Shoot Adapter was designed to be a high quality, environmentally-friendly, and lightweight accessory for your hunting and shooting adventures. The adapter is made primarily of aircraft aluminium with some stainless steel and high-strength plastic components to improve performance. The adapter blends seamlessly with your rifle and scope, making camouflage and quiet movement simple. Rugged, and can be used with the largest calibers – it has been tested and proven on rifles up to .50 BMG.


In 2016 we have developed a new addition to G-Line: G-Line Universal Plate!

With this plate, you can use any kind of a Smart-phone – with or without a protective case.

 G-Line Universal Plate 3 G-Line Universal Plate 2

A short video on how to assemble the new Universal Plate:

But there are still some plates for specific Smart-phones available:

– iPhone 7/7s Plus
– iPhone 7/7s
– iPhone 6/6s Plus
– iPhone 6/6s
– iPhone 5/5s
– iPhone 5c
– iPhone 4/4s
– Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
– Samsung Galaxy S7
– Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
– Samsung Galaxy S6

We also have a JTQ Gear Youtube Channel with some videos from G-Line as well.


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